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Where do I start… you made our wedding day the most beautiful day of our lives. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day and the work you did was gorgeous.

Mr. & Mrs. Pernice

I’m not easy, I’m crazy about detail, and you thought of absolutely everything. Really. Spot on. The little arrangements were perfection, I was so worried I didn’t get my point across. When I showed you the inspiration, but then told you to put your own spin on it (more rustic, more wild), I was SO general– but you made me feel at ease throughout the whole process.  I was confident in you from the start, but, Adria– when you told me this was your “thing”, you were NOT kidding. You’ve got an artistic talent that should definitely be celebrated.

P.S. Thank you for doing the cake-like you didn’t do enough?? YOU’RE AMAZING.

Alexandra Castellano