Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Hi all! I am starting a blog about some of the work I have been doing lately in hopes to share some creative outlets with my customers and friends.  The month of May had a been quite a busy time for me planning one of my best friend’s floral for her backyard wedding and sculpting my image for my own baby shower and maternity shoot.  It has been quite the colorful and emotional month. So in this section of my blog, I bring you ideas to help make your backyard weddings and events just as colorful and hope to inspire you to find and repurpose items that can make your special day all that more special.

The Mohan Wedding was such a pleasure to work on. The bride was a  super easy going, always open to suggestions, with a simple, rustic vision of her special day type of woman.  Babies Breath (Gypsophila) was the main floral component in this wedding, a perfect choice for an early summer, backyard celebration.  Though the decor was simple and rustic, the bridal party, dressed to impress, with the bride center of attention (as it should be) in her champagne colored flowing lace and beaded gown.  She chose to bump up the scene with her bridesmaids carrying simple hand tied in twine bunches of babies breath, while the bridal bouquet, made to match, sported eight large headed white roses in a bed of babies breath wrapped in a lace burlap.


Photo credit: Kristi Russel klrphotography.photoshelter.com

The tables were adorned with mason jars, collected from the years, filled with white Stock, a simple and fragrant choice.  Blush and white roses accented the gift and head table in a pair of old wooden boxes filled with Gyp. Note: there is always a plus in asking your florist for oddball containers that can help fill any voided space in needed areas. I just so happened to use the wooden boxes in this wedding that have been holding my craft supplies in since I started the game. You never know what they might have on hand that could fit your vision.