Green Shed/ She Shed

Hi all! I have been on Cloud Nine since I purchased my mini greenhouse “She Shed”. It measures just about 7 feet high by 5 feet wide and it came with 12 detaching shelves. We attempted putting it together as a family, Sage just tried to eat the connector pieces, but patiently sat through the rest of the rest up when we decided she had eaten enough dirt. /Devon ended up assembling most of it. I am PSYCHED! It is already successfully serving its purpose and helping me keep focused and motivated to be outside. It feels so good and really warms the soul (literally) to be outside and getting started on making Spring bloom. I have a pretty cute set up in here and am feeling the sunny vibes on a different level. In fact I am currently in here writing this blog. There is just enough room to park my folding camping chair in between the shelves and its convenient to pack it up when I need more space!
Even though there is barely enough elbow room in here and I have just enough space to write, it currently keeps me more motivated and on track than being in my home. Its hard to write a blog and create a business with an 8 month old crawling all over you. My intent is to include Sage as much as possible, just as long as I can get the goals done that I have set for myself. This part being one of those times that I know I need space to work. So a big shout out to my mother, Sage’s Noni, who will find time to tire her out while I can focus on my work. The successes that I have had are because of the people that have helped me get here. And I am confident that bigger things are ahead! And they start with the She Shed.
We first took a trip to the donation center and found a few adorable collectable home figurines and odd shaped containers. I could not wait to start seeding, so I decided I would jump into a side project.  I have been working on mini Fairy Gardens, well they are more like Fairy Airbnbs, but that is what makes them so fun. Everything is detailed and miniature. I have been using plants cuttings that I have collected from my home and from while taking walks with Sage.

Detail inspires me. The figurine houses were perfect for what I wanted to accomplish for my mini project. Each piece can be dissembled and each figurine separately admired after growth gets too big. Some are small enough to fit on a windowsill or in the corner near your coffee maker and they are just green enough to brighten your day.

I have been enjoying being surrounded by them in the emanating warmth of this little green shed. This weekend I will plan my growth charts and start seeding the first batch. The plan is to plant the same varieties in different intervals so I will continue to have growth throughout the Summer and hopefully Fall. If I can use some of the flowers in just one of my weddings this year, I will be happy. I will keep you all posted next week!

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